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Zakład Pomiarowo-Badawczy Energetyki "ENERGOPOMIAR-ELEKTRYKA" the limited liability company is a special engineering company acting on the Polish and international market since 1992.

However our experience dates back to the fifties of the last century, because our activity is a continuation of the company ENERGOPOMIAR Gliwice, particularly of the Unit: Zakład Elektryki i Gospodarki Elektroenergetycznej.

From the beginning our motto has been "the Quality isn't a case" and according to this message we perform our services, providing customers with the best quality based on long-term experience of our employees.

Our employees constitute highly qualified engineering staff renowned for its knowledge of the technical reality of Polish power engineering. The activity to date enable us to gain the wide experience in performing works for the purposes of professional power engineering and industry.

We have at our disposal the base of results of measurements and tests of the most important energy devices in the country, which enables us to trace the quality of their previous operation and forecast about the quality and the possibility of further operation.

At present we are employing over 100 employees. Owing to their extensive professional experience we can guarantee the professional level of our services. Our experienced technical staff and modern laboratory, including a mobile base, are at the client's disposal in the entire country.

As part of our activity to date our specialists conducted works at all most important power plants in Poland and abroad.

Activity of the company comprises comprehensive services and measuring-research works for the purposes of power engineering and other branches of industry.

Apart from the service activity we offer, we also have a dynamically-developing production department, which at present produces several dozen types of control, measurement and diagnostic devices that are highly technologically and functionally advanced.

Cooperation with Polish research centers plays a major role in the expansion of our company.

It enables us to undertake on comprehensive works (interdisciplinary), which to a large extent widens widens the scope of proposed services and enables to develop modern methods of diagnostic, serving especially for early detection of threats as well as the prevention of breakdowns.


Our Customers

Our main customers are electricity distribution companies, commercial power plants and power and heating plants, industrial power and heating stations, producers of energy from renewable sources, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, paper plants and other branches of industry.


The main profile of activity covers:

  • expert opinions of the power equipment technical condition,
  • evaluation of the usefulness for the further operation,
  • factory acceptance tests of power equipment at the producer’s premises,
  • insulating oil tests,
  • electric shock hazard tests,
  • serving as Construction site inspector for large-scale investments carried out in Polish power industry,
  • tests and operation measurements of electrical equipment at professional and industrial power engineering,
  • measurements and analysis of the energy quality on the joint supplier/customer,
  • design and manufacture of the specialist control and measurement as well as diagnostic equipment of the broad range of applications,

Two laboratories accredited by the Polish Centre for Accreditation operate as part of our activity:

  1. Measurement Equipment Laboratory
  2. Testing Laboratory consisting of three divisions:
  • Electromagnetic Field and Partial Discharge Division,
  • Thermovision Measurement Division,
  • Noise and Vibration Measurement Division.

ZPBE ENERGOPOMIAR-ELEKTRYKA Ltd. dynamically participates in domestic and international forums of trade organizations. Our employees are members of

  • CIGRE (International Council on Large Electric Systems)
  • Technical committee at the Polish committee of standardization
  • Association of Polish Electrical Engineers
  • Associations of Polish Consultants

Dane kontaktowe

Zakład Pomiarowo-Badawczy Energetyki
Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością
ul. Świętokrzyska 2, 44-100 Gliwice
woj. śląskie, Polska

(+48) 32 237 66 03 (sekretariat)

(+48) 32 237 66 15 (centrala)

(+48) 32 231 08 70 (fax)

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