The 24th International Power Industry Fair ENERGETAB 2011, organized at the ZIAD area in Bielsko-Biala, has just finished.

It is still the greatest specialist fair in the power industry in Poland.
This year at the fair's showgrounds a few hundred companies from Poland and from a dozen or so countries of Europe and Asia displayed their products. At our stand we presented both new services and products as well as the ones which for years have been the flagship of our company. During this year's Fair we introduced to you, among other things, anti-theft on-pole transformers protection type ZAT, which met with a great interest of our stand's visitors.
The ZAT is our production device fixed on the transformer tank.
The task of the device is to inform of the attempt of the transformer's theft.
All remaining devices demonstrated by us are available on our website under the Manufacture Department section. At the outdoor exhibition area we presented the transportable voltage assembly serving for tests of high voltage station devices and equipped with the voltage test assembly of 250 kV.
Thanks to that transportable voltage laboratory it is possible, among other things:

  • testing of both spark gap type and no spark gap type overvoltage limiters; in case of spark gap type overvoltage limiters the voltage assembly will allow to determine precisely the ignition voltage and control current values whereas in the case of no spark gap type overvoltage limiters it allows to determine reference voltage and current values;
    the technical possibilities of our voltage assembly allow to perform diagnostic tests practically of all types of overvoltage limiters operated in Poland,
  • checking the accuracy of voltage transformers of 110 kV, and particularly measuring the voltage and angle errors at different loads of transformer and on this base determining whether the transformer complies with its class of accuracy,
  • testing of high voltage bushing insulators,
  • performing voltage tests of bus-bars, switchgears, substation primary equipment,
  • other untypical voltage tests, during which the high voltage and high measurement accuracy is required.

During the Fair we organized presentations of the transportable voltage laboratory, during which our specialists demonstrated its measuring possibilities. Thanking everyone who visited us this year we would like to invite to the Fair in the year 2012.



Thanking everyone who visited us this year we would like to invite to the Fair in the year 2012.

The President of the Management Board of ENERGOPOMIAR-ELEKTRYKA Ltd.
Daniel Pawłowski

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